Much more than just hotels...

Unforgettable stays throughout France

A panoramic view over Saint-Malo Bay, an artist's room on Place Graslin in Nantes, a Mediterranean garden in the heart of Paris, a unique Art Deco style in Brest, a boutique hotel with a swimming pool in Montpellier, a hotel and spa in a location steeped in history in Tours, and more.


Our hotels are much more than just hotels. At Oceania Hotels, you can do all the traditional hotel activities: Sleeping, eating, resting, swimming, and more with that extra touch of soul, that something that makes it unlike anywhere else. So, come and enjoy a unique experience at each of our 3- and 4-star hotels in France.

Interior of a cozy lobby with sofas & chairs at Oceania Hotels
Wallpaper with white zebra pattern used at Oceania Hotels