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Rituals and Oceania Hotels

Author: Aurélie - Published at: 3/15/19

Find the Rituals products in the bathrooms of all our hotels, for precious moments of wellness and pleasure

Comes to discover the products of the Happy Buddha range in your hotels !

Oceania Hotels partners with Rituals, the top of the line cosmetics brand, to make you live a stay while serenity. Inspired by the asian culture, Rituals adapts ancestral traditions and customs to modern life to transform your daily routines into rituals rich of meaning. Rituals commits to suggest you environment-friendly products.

Raymond Cloosterman, fonder and CEO of Rituals, say that their mission is "to help you to feel good by offer a luxuary touch to your body" [...] Have a break, celebrate the small things of life and find the joy moments in your daily."

First of all, Oceania Hotels think about you and your wellness by suggest you refined products with quality aromas.

By associating of the sparkling scent of sweet orange with syimulating properties of cedar wood, the Happy Buddha range plonges you in absolute relaxation. All the ingredients are there to make unique your experience in the Oceania or Escale Oceania hotel of your choice.

Oceania Hotels produit d'accueil RITUALS