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When travelling on business, you might need a new workspace. In addition to traditional nights and stays, Oceania hotels offer Daytime Use packages so that you can set up there during the day. Remote working, co-working and meeting rooms: come and discover the dedicated spaces in our hotels.

Is co-working in a hotel possible?

When travelling on business, it isn't always easy to find the right place to work. It is better to decide on your workspace well in advance to ensure you can work efficiently. While in a city, you may need a place for a meeting or to organise an event.

In each of the Oceania hotels, you will find an ideal co-working space so you can work alone or as a team. Enjoy many services: free Wi-Fi, "breakfast" area, bar or lobby available.


Oceania Hotels: don’t forget our Daytime Use package

Several of our hotels offer this package, bookable directly at reception:

How does the Daytime Use package work? Oceania hotels offer you a room that you can book for daytime use, so that you can have a peaceful place to concentrate on your work. Whether you’re just passing through or live near the hotel, this package has many advantages. You can continue to work on your files or organise conference calls from your room. Discover a new way of working in our hotels. Remote working from your hotel, a real great idea for efficient working!

Discover the "business" rooms at Oceania hotels

Among the 25 Oceania hotels, some also provide “business” rooms for working:

What’s the idea behind “business” rooms? These traditional hotel rooms are bookable directly from our website and become your office during the day. The rooms are spacious and can accommodate up to six people. If you’re looking for somewhere to meet a client, hold a brainstorming session or a business meeting, our teams are available to provide you with information.

Co-working or working remotely in a hotel? You are at the start of a new era for business! Meetings, conference calls, events... our hotels welcome you and enable you to grow your

business by providing you with dedicated spaces. Need more information about our workspaces? Our hoteliers are available to answer all your questions!