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To offer you quality services

This page is dedicated to our customers and partners who join our hotels to give you the best benefits. 

Produced in Brittany 

"Because we are proud of our origins and that our ambition is your satisfaction, we are members of Product in Brittany".

PRODUCT IN BRITTANY was born of a shared desire of some Breton decision makers to act in favor of their economic, cultural, natural environment ... It is today a signature of decision-makers engaged in their territory. This commitment is reflected in a network effect, a continuous progress of the companies and the Association. Joining PRODUIT EN BRETAGNE is a voluntary initiative of business leaders wishing to work in their territory, in favor of it, sharing the values ​​crystallized by its logo. The signature "values ​​to share" underlines the notion of exchange at the heart of PRODUCT IN BRITAIN, because everyone brings and benefits.


This section includes all our sport-related partnerships: during your sports competitions, there is always an Oceania hotel nearby!

Stade Brestois - SB 29

Official Partner of Stade Brestois 29, Oceania Hotels Group family says his growing involvement with the Club by becoming "Official Hotels Stade Brestois 29" and displayed on the players' shirts for the 2014-2015 season Ligue 2. But strengthening the partnership between Oceania Hotels and Stade Brestois 29 primarily due to a real mutual attachment. Indeed, the Brest's origins, commitment "human" team spirit, dynamism, proximity to the public and fighting to enter and stay in the big leagues are so much in common that we found both in the operation of the Hotel Group and within the Club. This desire to always go above all is undoubtedly the highlight of this partnership. A partnership therefore follow throughout the season, everywhere in France 26 hotels and Oceania Hotels oceaniahotels.com on the website and Facebook group page !


We partner with expert wellness providers to offer you their services during your stay in one of our hotels without spa.

Aquatonic Rennes - directly connected to the hotel Oceania Rennes

A moment of escape: in the Parcours Aquatonic, you can swim in different pools where the magic of a 34 ° water captivates you with, among other things, underwater jets, whirlpools and the corridor against the current. .. Immerse yourself in a great source of relaxation and enjoy this wave of energy to recharge your batteries all year long. At the SPA, discover a real sensory journey through aromas and rituals. Your body and your mind will be transported to the well being. The Aquatonic Rennes, is directly connected to the hotel Oceania Rennes by a tunnel. Enjoy the privileged rates of the hotel Oceania Rennes.