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Our luxury 4-star hotels

Date de publication : 3/12/19

Choosing a 4-star hotel Oceania is sure to have a good time in a luxury hotel and enjoy all the services that 4-star hotels can offer.

Oceania Hotels - Chambre Le Jura Dijon 4*
Oceania Hotels - Piscine Hôtel Oceania St Malo 4*
Oceania Hotels - Suite Hôtel Oceania St Malo 4*
Oceania Hotels - Hôtel Oceania Montpellier 4*
Oceania Hotels - Suite Hôtel Oceania Paris Pte de Versailles 4*

Ideal for a weekend upscale 

Comfort modern, quality services, impeccable hospitality, everything is done to receive you and allow you to spend a pleasant stay. Staying in a luxury hotel is no longer reserved only for a select few. You can now discover, during a weekend (for a romantic weekend, here are the hotels we recommend) or a longer stay in the four corners of France, magnificent places while enjoying the luxury and comfort of your hotel. 

The definition of luxury according to Oceania Hotels 

At Oceania, luxury is synonymous with comfortable 4-star hotels in magical places: Paris, Saint-Malo, Tours... We make it a point of honor to make your stay in our establishments as pleasant as possible combining the well-being and comfort of a 4-star hotel. For your luxury weekend, discover the hotel Oceania**** Saint-Malo, placed at the seaside to offer you a breathtaking view, or the Oceania Hotel de France**** in downtown Nantes, designed as a boutique-hotel design. We suggest you to discover our design hotels, with elegant and elaborate decoration.

Hotel Oceania Saint-Malo The ocean in wide screen
Parking Hotel car park
Railway (1,7 km)
Airport (13 km)
Guest reviews
8.92 /10 based on 11 096 reviews
Hotel Oceania Paris Porte de Versailles Relaxation and wellbeing
Parking Hotel car park
Underground station (500 m)
Tram station - T2 (500 m)
Guest reviews
8.2 /10 based on 18 095 reviews
Hotel Oceania Paris Roissy aéroport CDG Your journey starts here
Parking Hotel car park
Airport (4.5 km)
Metro station (6 k)
Guest reviews
8.09 /10 based on 4 959 reviews
Hotel Oceania L'Univers Tours Revisit the classics
Parking Hotel car park
Tram station (300 m)
Railway station (300 m)
Guest reviews
8.57 /10 based on 7 745 reviews
Hotel Oceania Le Jura Dijon Your day in court
Parking Parking of the hotel
Dijon Bourgogne Airport 4.3 miles
Tram station Foch-Gare Tramway stop (100 m)
Guest reviews
8.77 /10 based on 6 581 reviews
Hotel Oceania Le Métropole**** Montpellier Quite simply majestic
Car access Learn more
Tramway station (50 m)
Railway station (200 m)
Guest reviews
8.87 /10 based on 3 368 reviews
Hotel Oceania Clermont-Ferrand One view, one longing
Parking Hotel car park
Tramway Station (250 m)
Railway Station (2.2 km)
Guest reviews
8.52 /10 based on 7 853 reviews
Oceania Hotel de France Nantes The alternative way to visit Nantes
Tram station (500 m)
Railway (1.7 km)
Airport (11 km)
Guest reviews
8.95 /10 based on 5 033 reviews