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Hôtel Oceania Hôtel de France**** Nantes

Hôtel Oceania Hôtel de France**** Nantes
24, rue Crébillon
44000 Nantes

Tel. : +33 (0)2 40 73 57 91
Fax : +33 (0)2 40 69 75 75


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Offers & Promotions - Autumn Offer

Offer conditions
Subject to availability and conditions. Rates apply for 1 or 2 people per night, from 10/26/2012 to 11/11/2012.Tourist tax is not included. Breakfasts are included for 1 or 2 people. Reservations may be cancelled or changed until 4pm on arrival day except from the D.DAY-4 option. With the D.DAY-4 option, reservations may be cancelled or changed until 4 days before the arrival date.

How to book?

- Click on "Book" - Select your dates of stay - Click on "Check availability" - Choose "Autumn offer" or "Autumn offer D.DAY-4 option/-10%"
This Autumn, leaves will fall and so are our prices ! Take advantage of our Autumn offer from € 79 per room including breakfasts at the Hotel de France*** Nantes and 10% more savings if you chose the D.DAY-4 option!
Book your stay at the Hotel de France*** Nantes now and enjoy this special promotion from October, the 26th to November, the 11th:
- € 79 per night in comfort room, breakfasts included or € 71,10 with the D.DAY-4 Option
- € 109 per night in superior room, breakfasts included, for even more space, or € 98,10 with the D.DAY-4 Option
- € 149 per night in a suite, breakfasts included, for a maximum level of comfort, or € 134,10 with the D.DAY-4 Option


€ 79

Breakfasts included