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Here comes the summer

Well, it is not actually here yet, but it is almost here. Now that May is over, we are clearly heading for the summer and for… holidays! I hope that you will have a long summer holiday to enjoy.

Have you anticipated a lot and already booked your holiday? Or do you prefer last minute deals? A survey published by CCM Benchmark Group last March in France indicates that 2 French people out of 3 that have holiday plans will stay in France for the summer.

I did not find such a study for the United Kingdom or about its tourists’ favourite destinations, but I invite you to cross the Channel and discover or rediscover France. If we take a look at recent events, this can be quite a good choice indeed, as we do not have very active volcanos and our vegetables are good and easy to digest ;-)

If you still hesitate on the destination, take a look at our Special Summer Offer with discounts of 30%, 40%, 50% and more! This is a great opportunity.



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