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L'humeur du jour

Hurray for spring!

Last Sunday, we said goodbye to the winter, and for good! A blue sky and summer temperatures reign over Brest today. Even a jacket is not necessary! And this is quite something here! A quick look on a weather forecast map indicates that this is the same thing everywhere in France today and in many regions in the United Kingdom too.

Suddenly, I can feel my legs. They tell me to move and enjoy a terrace, a weekend, some holidays, you see? By the way, I am going to Pornichet next weekend and will write a post about it afterwards.

Now, if you still have some paid leaves left, fill in the holiday request form, have it signed today and for the rest, Oceania Hotels is here for you. From April 8 to May 8, we propose you our Spring Rates up to 55% off! Choose your destination and enjoy a nice escapade!



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