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A really good restaurant in Brest

The end of the year is always a time when you enjoy delicious meals. This is why I take this opportunity to give you a great address in Brest: the restaurant L'Amirauté. I had my first lunch there last week and it was a very, very good experience for me.

First, the setting. It is bright, sober and classic. There is engouh room between the tables and the music is piano/jazz, which makes you want to sit for a while.

Then, the service. It is very professional, but still friendly.

At last, the meals. They are exquisite, from start to finish:
- Starter: a foie gras cannelloni.
- Main course: scallop from the bay of Brest with potatoes and Guéméné andouille.
- Dessert : chocolate smooth with vanilla ice.
Not only does this sound good, but it is actually good. All this is tasty, subtil and delicate. The plates are also very nice to look at.

So fi you wish to enjoy a nice meal when you come to Brest, do not miss the restaurant L'Amirauté. You sure will not be disappointed!


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