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Behind the scenes in the hotel industry

7.00 p.m.: you arrive at the hotel. 
The desk clerk gives you the key to your room and wishes you a pleasant stay.

Our hotels’ job comes completely natural to us: we are there to accommodate you. But it doesn’t stop at reception. It is a genuine beehive of activity, highly organized, with everyone going well beyond what is required every day to make sure that everything is perfect as soon as you arrive. Behind the scenes at our hotels, and everything that goes on in our hotels before your arrival... That is what we wanted to share with you.

As soon as you start watching this video, you can see it is a wonderful tribute to our staffs: from reception to the cleaning staff, from the restaurant to reception, from the bar to breakfast.

There are no leading actors and no background actors; just the Oceania Brest Centre hotel's staff, who participated in the video, but without any acting!

And so, congratulations to the staff and a big thank you to Denis Defarges, our great video director for this film, whom we love :-) !


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