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We’ve Fallen for the Mountains

"We’re opening a new hotel: Oceania**** Clermont-Ferrand. When the announcement was made, there was general enthusiasm all round: a brand new hotel, with four stars, in the town centre, a restaurant, generous proportions: great news!

Here we are, the proud Britons, happy as can be to be adding a new flag right in the centre of our map of hotels: Clermont-Ferrand! It’s our Group’s 24th hotel, and what is more, the second largest hotel, with 123 rooms.

And then the questions kept on coming. “I say, where is it exactly?” “You don’t know Vulcania?”...”Where is Clermont-Ferrand? No, that’s Saint-Etienne…” I even overheard someone in the corridor say, “Do you think they have crepes for breakfast? Do they even have salted butter? (I won’t mention any names).

Since it’s required for the website’s content, I set out to research the city of Clermont. And a very pleasant discovery it was: a beautiful little city with very nice architecture, a city that is very welcoming and culturally very dynamic, particularly as far as music is concerned. You surely know of the “May Cooperative” (la Coopérative de mai), the emblematic concert hall built in the Michelin factory’s former cooperative.
Moreover, the city was voted the France’s Number 1 rock music city, because the largest number of French bands come from there.

And, I was even less familiar with the Auvergne region than I was with Clermont-Ferrand. And what a (yet another) pleasant surprise! Have a look on the Comité Régional du Tourisme Auvergnat website, it’s really worth it! It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

See you soon in Clermont-Ferrand !

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