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Have a nice VIP weekend !

« Thank God it’s Friday ». That is correct. Let’s admit it: it feels good! Because the week is almost over, because we all have worked (well) and because the weekend’s pleasures are now very close : cleaning the house, going shopping and mowing the lawn!

Unless… Unless you decide to drop all that to really enjoy your weekend. After all, it is still winter and the grass can wait. And if you leave your house or your flat, no need to clean or do the shopping!
Now, Oceania Hotels has THE solution for you : the VIP Saturdays. Not only will you take a break, but also will you be treated as a “very important person”.

Take a look: you will stay in a Superior Room, half a bottle of Champagne will be served to you and on the Sunday, breakfasts will be brought to you in your bedroom. Plus, so that you can really take your time and make the most of your weekend, your room will be available from Saturday 10 am up until 4 pm the next day!

So, have a nice weekend, a nice VIP weekend!



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