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Hôtel Oceania**** Nantes Aéroport

Hôtel Oceania**** Nantes Aéroport
Aéroport Nantes Atlantique

Tel. : +33 (0)2 40 05 05 66
Fax : +33 (0)2 40 05 12 03


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Our lounges and meeting rooms - Hôtel Oceania**** Nantes Aéroport

The Hotel Oceania**** Nantes Aéroport has 8 configurable lounges of 25 to 150m² that can accommodate up to 200 people and have lots of natural light. Take advantage of the premises for your wedding, parties, cocktail parties, meetings and all your private and professional events.

275 m2 of lounges for your events, a free car park, but also what you need to relax, with its outdoor swimming pool, its tennis court and its gym.

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Christophe Colomb251015201225/
La Perouse251015251225/
Jacques Cartier251015251225/
Bougainville + Jacques Cartier502230502550/
Jules Verne A ou B ou C50253050255040
Jules Verne A+B ou B+C10040601004010080
Jules Verne A+B+C1506010015060200120
Chambres bureau18///5//

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With the ability to accommodate up to 200 people, 8 fully-equipped lounges, a terrace for cocktail parties around the swimming pool, and a restaurant, the Oceania***Nantes Aéroport offers you full service for your professional events.  The Hotel Oceania*** Nantes Aéroport has a staff of professionals and can offer original and pleasant teambuilding ideas geared towards sports, adventure or relaxation: car racing course, horse riding, golf, mini cruise on the Erdre River, water skiing, surfing, helicopter ride, etc.

The swimming pool’s terrace at the Hotel Oceania**** Nantes Aéroport can be made private for your events.
Also discover the rooms that can be configured into an 18m² office, ideal for small-size meetings or interviews.

For more information or to book, contact the hotel directly at +33 (0)2 40 05 05 66.

Amenities included: Broadband Internet connection, free Wi-Fi, video projector, PA system, television set, tape recorder, screen, overhead projector, flipchart, and any other equipment with a quote (DVD reader, camcorder, etc.).

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