Enjoy our terrace to organize out door cocktails

  • Enjoy our terrace to organize out door cocktailsEnjoy our terrace to organize out door cocktails
  • Hotel Oceania**** Nantes AéroportHotel Oceania**** Nantes Aéroport
  • Modern and functional bathroomModern and functional bathroom
  • "Océane" bathroom"Océane" bathroom
  • A modern and warm decoration in the roomsA modern and warm decoration in the rooms
  • Spacious roomsSpacious rooms
  • Breakfast in your roomBreakfast in your room
  • Business rooms convertible meeting roomsBusiness rooms convertible meeting rooms
  • LoungeLounge
  • Hotel Oceania**** Nantes AéroportHotel Oceania**** Nantes Aéroport
  • Breakfast in your roomBreakfast in your room
  • Breakfast in your roomBreakfast in your room
  • Original breaksOriginal breaks
  • A team at your disposalA team at your disposal
  • BathroomBathroom
  • Meeting roomsMeeting rooms
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Hôtel Oceania**** Nantes Aéroport

Hôtel Oceania**** Nantes Aéroport
Aéroport Nantes Atlantique

Tel. : +33 (0)2 40 05 05 66
Fax : +33 (0)2 40 05 12 03


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Nantes’ Boats -

Nantes’ Boats
Ride, Hiking

Découvrez l'Erdre au Fil de l'eau grâce aux Bateaux Nantais

More information

Nantes’ Boats

Discover the Erdre thanks to Bateaux Nantais (Nantes’ Boats) – they take you on a ride from Nantes to Sucé on the Erdre, the time it takes to have a meal. A delight for the eyes as well as the palate.
See on a map47.2291722, -1.550574947.1574826, -1.6008688Website
Printing museum -

Printing museum

Discover the traditional techniques of printing!

More information

Printing museum

Conservatory of techniques, the municipal museum of printing introduces you to the techniques of manual and mechanical typesetting.
See on a map47.2109590, -1.561525347.1574826, -1.6008688Website
The grilled nose -

The grilled nose

Charming restaurant on the banks of the Loire...

Suggested by Mathilde Le Roy

More information

The grilled nose

 Located on the banks of the Loire, this charming little restaurant, you'll be greeted by very young cosy owners.
You taste of succulent meats grilled before your eyes. A wine list can accompagned your meal.
Without forgetting the desserts that are unmistakable. An ideal place for a great evening with family or friends.
See on a map47.2079248, -1.570829547.1574826, -1.6008688
The Island’s Machines -

The Island’s Machines
Night out

A magical moment for all !

Suggested by Patrice Blondeau

More information

The Island’s Machines

A team of Machine builders set up their workshop in the heart of the island of Nantes under the ships of the former naval shipyards. Their imagination explores the tops of trees, the savannah or the seabeds; they build a bestiary of living machines that escape the workshop to populate this ever changing land.  The Great Elephant, the Marine Worlds and the Heron Tree are urban sculptures that are accessible to the general public. Like doors opening into dreams or travel, they give this island a mysterious air as it was when ships were launched there for travel everywhere in the world.
See on a map47.2062459, -1.563835147.1574826, -1.6008688Website
The Labyrinth -

The Labyrinth

Promenez vous dans un des plus grands labyrinthes du monde

More information

The Labyrinth

Take a walk in one of the world’s largest labyrinths of the permanent-hedge type.
See on a map47.1679577, -1.650150247.1574826, -1.6008688Website
The Marlowe -

The Marlowe

Pour danser jusqu'au bout de la nuit...

Suggested by Equipe Oceania et Escale Nantes

More information

The Marlowe

It is one of Nantes trendy nightclub bars. You can dance there all night long in a location decorated in a 1960’s US style. Go ahead and try one of the many explosive cocktails.
See on a map47.2180080, -1.553451647.1574826, -1.6008688