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  • The Hotel 's barThe Hotel 's bar
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Hôtel de France*** Nantes

Hôtel de France*** Nantes
24, rue Crébillon
44000 Nantes

Tel. : +33 (0)
Fax : +33 (0)


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The Hotel's Bar

The Hôtel de France*** Nantes invites you to spend a time around the bar or the lounge.

The Hotel de France*** Nantes’ bar is in the area that extends off of reception and is an intimate and charming spot for an aperitif.

Useful information

The Hotel de France*** Nantes also has a piano for having a pleasant time with the family or friends.
Surf the Internet thanks to the free Wi-Fi accessible everywhere on the premises.

Rates details

Cocktails starting at €7.

More information

Bar's cocktails