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The "MomentO" breakfast

Right in the heart of the town center and very close to the marina, the hotel Escale Oceania*** Vannes is the ideal place to stay at if you want to go for a day-cruise around the Morbihan’s Gulf. To enable you to have a nice morning on the “Ile d’Arz” or the “Ile aux Moines”, we offer you to compose your own “MomentO” breakfast thanks to a rich and varied buffet.

> For a salty "MomentO":
- Cured meats: sausages, smoked pork, pork or chicken ham
- Eggs: scrambled or hard boiled
- French bread
- Emmental, goat’s cheese and camembert cheese
- Slightly salted butter

> For a sweeter “MomentO”:
- Slices of brioche
- Slices of plain bread
- Lenôtre Danish pastries : chocolat croissant, croissant and raisin bread
- Cereals: original Cornflakes original, Choco Pop’s Kellogg’s, muesli bio
- Fresh and dried fruits
- Fresh fruit salad
- Vanilla small pancakes
- Cream cheese, Actimel, plain or fruits yogurts, compotes
- Home made jam: strawberry, raspberry, orange, apricot or 4 red fruits
- Honey
- Nutella chocolate spread
- Sweet butter

> Hot and cold drinks:
- Freshly ground coffee or filter coffee
- Selection of 7 teas
- Powdered chocolate
- Semi-skimmed milk
- Fruit juices, 100% pure fruit juice: orange or apple
- Sparkling or still water

> Regional specialities:
- 1 regional product

We wish you a great MomentO breakfast at the hotel Escale Oceania*** Vannes and a very nice day in Vannes and around!

Useful information

Breakfast can be taken from 6.30 to 10 am during the week and from 6.30 to 10.30 am during the week-end.

Rates details

Breakfast costs € 11, with a “room service” extra charge of € 3 per person.