Indoor Swimming pool and jacuzzi

  • Indoor Swimming pool and jacuzziIndoor Swimming pool and jacuzzi
  • A wide range of treatments...A wide range of treatments...
  • A wide range of treatmentsA wide range of treatments
  • A wide range of treatmentsA wide range of treatments
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Hôtel Oceania**** Paris Porte de Versailles

Hôtel Oceania**** Paris Porte de Versailles
52, Rue d'Oradour Sur Glane

Tel. : +33(0)1 56 09 09 09
Fax : +33(0)1 56 09 09 19


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Les équipements - Hôtel Oceania**** Paris Porte de Versailles - Our partner Kitao’s services

Give yourself a moment of pure relaxation and choose from among our range of treatments:
Relaxation service:

- Shiatsu: Japanese massage based on stimulation of acupuncture meridians to revitalise the body.
Duration: 60 minutes, €120.

- Massage with oils: An invigorating, maily muscular massage using an oil of your choice (fruits, spices, flowers & plants).
Duration: 30 minutes, €60 (back) / 60 minutes, €120 (integral).

- Full treatment with oils: Relaxing face and scalp massage, followed by a body massage.
Duration: 60 minutes, €120 / 90 minutes, €180

- Golden Prestige Kitao: A massage using golden body oils with golden particles, combining the benefits of Shiatsu and those of aromatherapy
Duration: 60 minutes, €140 / 90 minutes, €200

- Ceremony of Gold: Wrapping body massage using leaves of 24-cara gold stimulating body trigger points.
Duration: 90 minutes, €250

- Reflexology: Energetic massage of feet trigger points, to improve circulation and release stress.
Duration: 60 minutes, €120.


 Exfoliating Facial treatment: Gentle exfoliation face and decollete mask, followed by a face massage.
 Duration: 30 minutes, €60

 Facial treatment: Relaxing massage, with moisturising, balancing and revitalising effects.
 Duration: 30 minutes, €50 / 75 minutes, €120

 Facial Shiatsu: A japanese massage of the head, neck and shoulders.
 Duration: 30 minutes, €50

 Beauty bio Prestige care: Deep cleaning, body mask and massage.
 Duration: 60 minutes, €120

 Body scrubbing: Body peeling with soft soap.
 Duration: 20 minutes, €50

 Supreme oriental ritual: Hammam, body peeling with soft soap, oriental balm wrap and relaxing massage.
 Duration: 90 minutes, €200

Infos pratiques

Practical information: Book your massage or special treatment 24 hours before your arrival by contacting the hotel directly at +33 (0)1 56 09 09 09