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The cider factory - Manoir du Kinkiz

 - Hôtel Escale Oceania*** Quimper

The cider factory - Manoir du Kinkiz

In cider factory, your guide introduces you to the old tools exposed, you say a lot about the methods of cider farms in Brittany at the beginning of the century.

In the cellar, walk into the cellars where developing cider Cornwall and which are based in impressive oak barrels, soft knob and Fine de Bretagne.

In good weather, a stroll through the flower orchard is required, the opportunity to discover the secrets of apple cider.

To finish, you can taste the different ciders of the farm.

Reservations at Domaine du Kinkiz
Tel. : 02 98 90 20 57

Individual: Free
Group: € 2.50 per person
Cider Museum Package + still + distillery Plessis € 4

DOMAINE DU KINKIZ QUIMPER 75 chemin du Quinquis Ergué-Armel 29000 Quimper Quimper

Suggested by Cyriane, Réceptionniste, Hôtel Escale Oceania*** Quimper