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Basques coast

 - Hôtel Escale Oceania*** Biarritz

Basques coast
Ride, Hiking

I love the Basque coast, because for me it's the true "Paradise" Biarrot, surprising us by the beauty of its landscapes and its complexity.

At low tide, the sea gives way to a beautiful sandy beach where swimmers, surfers and walkers coexist in the same space ...

At high tide, the beach is covered with water and let the power of projecting rollers against the rocks, offering an amazing spectacle as impressive.

This place offers an idyllic setting, where we discover the beauty of the horizon, the mountains through the surrounding villages.

In addition to being the most beautiful natural site of Biarritz, the Basques coast is a very lively spot during winter and summer with surfing courses, concerts and Casetas highly anticipated by the locals is a sort of giant cocktail organized by bars in the city where tourists and Biarrots mix for 5 nights of friendliness and good atmosphere!

cote des basques Biarritz

Suggested by Gabriel, Hôtel Escale Oceania*** Biarritz