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Hôtel L'Amirauté**** Brest

Hôtel L'Amirauté**** Brest
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Schedule de Brest et sa région

Concert Brest / Dionysos

The group Dionysos played its first concert in Valence in France in 1993. Eighteen years later Dionysos have not lost their passion to create, arrange and experiment with music. The group continues to take great pleasure in exploring new musical territories from old blues to hip hop as well as seismic rock. Their world is to be found between dream and reality tending more towards fantasy. It is a world where monsters and other creatures mingle with dreamlike creatures that have escaped from novels by Mathias Malzieu, writer and lead singer of the group. Dionysos’ music is a mix between Western Rock and nursery rhymes for big kids and they are inspired by the likes of Moriccone, Jarmusch, Johnny Cash or Dany Elfmann.

Their thirst for discovery and making music makes these five boys and one girl the most noticeable and the most unusual group that the French Rock scene has seen these last 15 years as is shown by their undeniable growing popularity. Dionysos satisfy their desire to make music by working with well known producers. Two of their albums were recorded in the United States in San Francisco by Dan Presley (who has worked with BRMC) and in Chicago by Steve Albini (who has worked with bands such as Nirvana, Pixies, and Stooges) respectively and a third album which includes a track recorded with The Kills was recorded in the UK by John Parish (who has worked with PJ Harvey and Eels). American music and cinema is at the very heart of Dionysos’ music and the group became known with a song called "Jedi" which became a huge radio hit in France.

Dionysos have been nominated several times in the category of "Best Rock Album of the Year" in the French music awards “Les Victoires de la musique”, they have sold nearly 600,000 albums in France alone and are unanimously backed by the very enthusiastic French press. The leading French music magazine "Les Inrockuptibles" celebrated the group's 15th anniversary with the headline "The Best French Band on Stage in the World". The group also released a double anniversary album "Eats Music" illustrated by Daniel Johnston.

Dionysos first gained a reputation for their stage performances and their concerts always receive good reviews from audiences and the press. They captivated 50,000 people during a concert on the pitch of the Parc de Prince stadium in Paris and also did a one-off concert accompanied by a symphonic orchestra in front of 6000 fans at the Zenith in Paris.

In 2008, their music finally hit the big screen. EuropaCorp, a French film company belonging to Luc Besson, acquired the musical rights and the right to turn the book written by Mathias Malzieu called "La Mécanique du Coeur" into a film, using the music from the album of the same name. It was also agreed that the film would be made in 3D and be 100% musical with a budget of 20 million euros. "La Mécanique du Coeur" is Mathias Malzieu's second novel. This modern fairytale is a story about Jack whose heart is replaced at birth with a clock. In order to live he must avoid strong emotions, especially the most dangerous of all, passionate love.

This long animated feature is expected to be coming to cinemas in France and around the world at the end of 2012. All the music used in the film is from the group's last album "La Mécanique du Coeur", composed by Dionysos and produced this time by Mathias Malzieu and Mike Ponton (guitarist of Dionysos). Mathias Malzieu and Mike Ponton have become producers for Dionysos as well as for other French artists with great success.

Mathias Malzieu’s first three novels were best sellers. "La Mécanique du Coeur", sold over 200,000 copies in France and 400,000 throughout the world (in 20 countries including the whole of Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Latin America, China and Japan) whereas "Métamorphose en bord de ciel" released on 16 March 2011, has already sold more than 50,000 copies and has been bought in 10 countries.

La Carène 30 Rue Jean Marie le Bris 29200 Brest

Suggested by Franck, Chef de Réception