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Dijon et sa région : Great Tips

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Salsa Pelpa - Dijon

Salsa Pelpa

A restaurant with Latin specialties near the Hotel !

Suggested by Nakry, Réceptionniste, Hôtel Le Jura*** Dijon

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Salsa Pelpa

Very nice atmosphere; friendly. Discotheque and bar in the evening, Latin atmosphere. 2 km from the hotel.
See on a map47.3272630, 5.044571747.3195685, 5.0156855Website
The Saint Jean-la Péniche - Dijon

The Saint Jean-la Péniche
Ride, Hiking

A pleasant ride on a peniche along the Saone River!

Suggested by Jean-Claude, Valet de chambre, Hôtel Le Jura*** Dijon

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The Saint Jean-la Péniche

It’s the perfect opportunity to have lunch when the weather is good by floating along the Saone... 35 km from the hotel.
See on a map47.0885067, 5.268593647.3195685, 5.0156855
Tower Philippe Le Bon - Dijon

Tower Philippe Le Bon

La ville de Dijon vue du ciel !

Suggested by Vincent, Réceptionniste, Hôtel Le Jura*** Dijon

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Tower Philippe Le Bon

Une vue imprenable sur la capitale des Ducs de Bourgogne, à 46m du sol !
See on a map47.3221280, 5.040581147.3195685, 5.0156855Website
Twin Concept - Dijon

Twin Concept
Ride, Hiking

Discover Dijon and its surrounding area aboard a Citroen 2CV!

Suggested by Aurélien, Réceptionniste de nuit, Hôtel Le Jura*** Dijon

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Twin Concept

So instead of a walk or a bike ride, would you fancy a short tour in a Citroen 2CV? Choose this very nice ride and discover all the charm of the Burgundy region!
15 km from the hotel. 
See on a map47.2967690, 5.133669447.3195685, 5.0156855Website
Visit Burgundy ! - Dijon

Visit Burgundy !
Night out

Discover the region

Suggested by Nakry, Hôtel Le Jura*** Dijon

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Visit Burgundy !

Authentica Tours will show you Burgundy's patrimony. A guide will take you to wine and cheese tastings and show you cultural places like the Fontenay Abbey, medieval cities, etc.

See on a map47.3272130, 5.043987547.3195685, 5.0156855Website
Zénith de Dijon - Dijon

Zénith de Dijon

Envie de spectacles???

Suggested by Vincent, Réception, Hôtel Le Jura*** Dijon

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